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If you think washing your pillows and sheets routinely is enough to clean your bed, you're mistaken. Your mattress, no matter how clean it may look, is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. They may have an impact on your skin and overall health, along with the bedding as well. It is not only a big deal for your mattress' health, but it can also harm you in a number of ways.

And, at Hippo Carpet Cleaning Chantilly, we understand that! We know if you don't maintain your mattress, the fibers and material in it will become worn. Without taking care of it, it will collect loads of germs that can cause sinus issues, itching, and restlessness during sleep.

This is when the role of deep cleaning mattresses comes into play. Like your pillow and sheet, your mattress also needs a deep cleaning to avoid problems like household allergens. Hippo Carpet Cleaning Chantilly works with a team of professional cleaners to help you keep all the bad stuff at bay. The professional cleaners excel at mattresses treatment.

As professional cleaners, we understand that you need something more than just regular cleaning for your bedding. Your mattress might look or feel okay, but it needs extra care. Hippo Carpet Cleaning Chantilly is an expert when it comes to treating mattresses at a reasonable price. Therefore, it enables you to invest in regular and proper maintenance of your bedding. You don't need to worry about dust mites contributing to the dirt and mess!

Are you looking for a trustworthy service? Get in touch with our professionals to ensure that your mattress is germ-free and clean at all times!

Deep and Steam Mattress Cleaning, What's Better?

Now you know that mattresses can pick up all kinds of dead skin, germs, and dirt. Therefore, it is essential to keep them clean. However, when it comes to cleaning a mattress, confusion surrounds the two most used methods - deep cleaning and steam cleaning.

Many homeowners don't know the difference between deep cleaning and steam cleaning and which one they should opt for.

Keep on reading to find the difference between the two most sought-after methods to choose the best one.

Deep cleaning mattress is all about washing the fabric or textile in treated hot water with detergent or stain remover. It allows dirt, along with its surrounding particles, to wash away and dissolve once rinsed. It is an effective method to deep clean a mattress or its textile and fabric.

Deep cleaning a mattress with a hot water extractor is also mandatory in some cases. Hot water extractor shoots out soapy liquid while extracts the water and dirt. It eliminates more stains and dirt.

Professionals at Hippo Carpet Cleaning Chantilly have the expertise and the right tools for mattress deep cleaning. Hire them to perform the multi-step process of removing stains and germs from your mattresses!

Steam cleaning uses the same hot water extraction equipment, but is not as intensive a cleaning process. It helps you get rid of the stains your mattress gets from dirt, sweat, or urine. It also disinfects the mattress and removes allergens. However, steam cleaning is not an effective solution for hard and stubborn stains on old mattresses. You need to choose deep cleaning with hot water extraction, in this case, to clean the mattress with chemical stain removers or foam.

Both steam cleaning and deep cleaning are effective methods for keeping your mattress clean. But it depends on the condition of your bedding, its stains, and most importantly, the time since its last wash.

Hippo Carpet Cleaning Chantilly specializes in both mattress steam cleaning and mattress deep cleaning. Book an appointment to get a free estimate to determine the type of cleaning your mattress needs!

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Mattress Treatment: What Steps Does It Include

The professional mattress cleaners at Hippo Carpet Cleaning Chantilly use tried and true methods to keep your bedding fresh.

  • Vacuum the mattress - if necessary, to remove surface particles in advance of the cleaning.
  • Pre-treat the stains - if there are stains that require treating in advance, our experts will treat them with a high-quality and appropriate cleaner. They prefer using an enzyme-based pet-odor remover to do the job and remove the stains of organic liquids and bodily fluids.
  • Steam mattress cleaning - with professional hot water extraction equipment, our experts go over every inch of the mattress' surface, cleaning away dirt and other contaminants and removing them from the body of the mattress with powerful suction.
  • Deodorize the Mattress - if desired, the mattress can also be treated with a deodorizer for a pleasant fragrance.


Want to make sure your mattress lasts for a long time? Hippo Carpet Cleaning Chantilly can help you! Call us to explore the best options for your mattress cleaning and get a free estimate today.

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