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Rugs have for ages been used as an addition to interior decor. Be it an office, the living room, or even a bedroom; rugs add a little touch of class to the space used. They are also comfortable to walk on as they caress the feet with their softness.

However, rug cleaning is not child's play. It entails a lot of hard work due to the bulky nature of the rugs. Rug owners have to worry no more because rug cleaning services can make their work very easy. All you need to do is to call our rug cleaning specialists in Chantilly at 703-652-8370; we provide free pickup services, or we can clean at your house, so your dirty rugs will no longer be your problem.

Cleaning your rugs using professional rug cleaners not only prolongs its life but also improves the aesthetics of your room and promotes a healthy environment by removing dirt, stains, and bacteria from the rug. Other advantages include:

  • Removal of lingering odors and allergens
  • Saving on time and money

A dirty rug facilitates health conditions such as asthma due to the dirt trapped in it. Vacuuming the rug alone is not enough to remove all pollutants.

You may be tempted to clean the rug on your own, but without the proper equipment, the activity may prove futile or even end up getting damaged. Why risk it yet you can get it professionally cleaned?

When you realize that your rug no longer gives you the satisfaction you enjoyed at the beginning or spilled something on it and a huge stain keeps staring at you whenever you enter the room, it may be time to contact a professional rug cleaning service. Additionally, manufacturers encourage thorough cleaning of your rag every 12 to 18 months to keep it in good condition.

A well-known and reliable rug cleaning service is Hippo Carpet Cleaning Chantilly!

Why should you have to choose us?

We specialize in the best cleaning techniques.

Hippo Carpet Cleaning Chantilly has specialized in cleaning rugs. We use professional cleaning techniques such as:

  • Steam/hot water extraction
  • Deep cleaning

Our deep cleaning prevents mold growth

Since a dirty rug is also an ideal breeding ground for mold spores, the moisture trapped in your rug can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. At Hippo Carpet Cleaning Chantilly, we clean your rug to prevent mold growth and keep your rugs fresh for a long time.

We are focused on the removal of different kinds of stains

Our experienced team of technicians has specific procedures for the removal of:

  • Coffee stains
  • Ink stains
  • Pet stains
  • Bloodstains

You could clean it at home when a stain occurs, but that will only remove the stain on the surface. The stain, however, remains deep in the fibers. The best way to get rid of it is to hire a professional cleaning service, and ours can clean your rug correctly, leaving it fresh and healthy.

We get the work done immediately.

Regardless of the type of stain your rug has or how dirty it is, we have certified rug cleaning specialists who will effectively get the job done perfectly. Our cleaning experts combine different techniques and products to ensure that your rug comes back to you fresh and clean.

Cleaning your rug can be tedious, and it also consumes a lot of time. In this fast-paced world, the best way of getting your rug cleaned is to hire the best professional cleaning service. Hippo Carpet Cleaning Chantilly is that place for you. For more information, contact us now.

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Rug Cleaning FAQs

How Often Should I Clean My Rug?

Professional rug cleaners generally encourage people to clean their rugs every 12-18 months. However, several factors might affect the frequency of rug cleaning. Sometimes, you might need to clean it more often than that and there are other times when cleaning it less often than that is acceptable.

How Much Does It Cost to Clean a Rug in Chantilly?

The cost of professional rug cleaning in Chantilly can also vary, depending on the factors at play. The size of the rug, for instance, determines how much cleaning materials need to be used and the time required to finish the job.

The severity of the rug's condition also affects the cost. Simple stain removal can cost less while the cleaning process for rugs that require intense thorough cleaning can be a lot more expensive. The material of the rug is also a factor since some materials are easier to clean than others. The accessibility of your home and the rug itself also matter as professionals still need to transport their cleaning equipment. All of these are taken into consideration to compute the final cost of cleaning your rug.

We pay special attention to your rug.

Rugs are made using different materials, and Hippo Carpet Cleaning Chantilly considers this when cleaning your rug. We ensure that your rugs matches the ideal cleaning method, whether a Persian rug or Oriental rug and our cleaning technicians handle them with care. Don’t wait and give us a call at 703-652-8370 to know more about our rug cleaning services.

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